Hosta ‘Zitronenfalter’

This is an introduction from Heinz Klose of Germany. Leaves are greenish in the spring but change to a very bright gold in summer which holds for the rest of the season. Topped with lavender flowers. The name means lemon butterfly which alludes to its bright color. 1988 NR, Good substance, pale yellow leaves in pring. Zitronenfalter=Lemon Butterfly, alluding to the color I suppose. Hugo Philips

Hosta ‘Zippity Do Dah’

A sport from H. ‘Abba Dabba Do,’ sturdy green leaves have a wide creamy-white border that jets into the leaf center and margins that have coarse waves. Shows good vigor, has an upright habit and is quite happy with lots of sun. Topped with lavender flowers in midsummer. It has the same large green leaves with wavy edges but instead of gold the margin is pure white, making a grand appearance even from a distance

Hosta ‘Zeus’ Fury’

Dark green with unstable streaks of medium green, greenish-yellow, pale yellow and creamy white; lightly wavy and moverately corrugated. The scapes and pods are green or streaked.

Hosta ‘Zeus’

Deep blue-green leaves have heavy substance, cupped. May be the same as H.’Tokudama Tetraploid’, and H. ‘Hirao Tet’. Seeds sold by Homestead seed division, 1997. Possibly considered a tetraploid.

Hosta ‘Zephyr’

“Regards variegation in hostas, according to Charlie Purtymun Zephyr can produce up to 85% variegated seedlings and interestly, Zephyr seedlings also produce a high percentage of variegated seedlings. Last year Charlie had a flat of Zephyr seedlings growing and I would say off hand 15% of them were variegated”. (Joe Halinar, email conversation on hybridizing))

Hosta ‘Zero Tolerance’

H. ‘Zero Tolerance’ is a very wavy leafed gray-green plant with a low mounded profile. The unusual puckering draws ones eye. It ultimately reaches 30″ across and 10″ high. Rare in the market. Wedge shaped with very wavy leaves, heavy substance.

Hosta ‘Zeta’

Green with white streaking along the midrib. H. ‘Zeta’ was one of a 6 pack of seedlings donated by Glen Williams to the First Look Auction on 2/2003