Hosta ‘Zydeco Green Mist’

Very unusual coloration, splashed and speckled. The leaves appear to be “stitched” in some areas. Green with white streaks. “I named a plant H. ‘Zydeco Green Mist’, photo available in the Hosta Library, but unfortunately lost the plant before it was introduced.” (Wasitis, C, 1/6/05)

Hosta ‘Zydeco’

Dark blue-green with a rippled yellow margin; deeply corrugated and moderately cupped; white backs; heavy substance. The margin size varies between 1.0″-1.5″. Dr. Ed Elslager, age 81, passed away on Sunday, December 11, 2005, after a short hospital stay. He was an active staff member of the annual Hosta College of the American Hosta Society. He also was very active in the Michigan Hosta Society and served a term as its president.

Hosta ‘Zowie’

Golden yellow with a pure white margin, lightly folded tips, moderately corrugated. Very impressive contrast between the deep purple flowers and the leaf color

Hosta ‘Zuni’

“H. Zuni is an 3 year old unregistered seedling from H. Zebra a Mildred Seaver streaked hosta. It is named for the Indian nation from the four corners area and a Z hosta”.(Alex Malloy)

Hosta ‘Zounds’

A brilliant gold that looks great all season long. Some corrugation. Good substance; slug-resistant. Needs sunlight to bring out the best color.

Hosta ‘Zoroaster’

Green and White streaks. Seedling as of 1999. This is named after a 6th century Persian (Iran) prophet who requires men’s good deeds for help in his cosmic struggle against the evil spirit Ahriman

Hosta ‘Zodiac’

Chartreuse-green center with an irregular gold-cream margin that changes to white. The clump is a beauty in the spring. This plant came to Q&Z Nursery as a H. ‘Richland Gold’ mutation.

Hosta ‘Zippy Zepps’

A combination of many greens, gold and cream streaking across the shiny leaf, lightly undulated. “The name H.’ Zippy Zepps’, Zepps meaning zeppelin shaped” (Alex Malloy)