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Hosta 'Wolverine'

Hosta 'Wolverine'

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An eye-catcher as a specimen or when used as an edger. Beautiful bloom. See all of our pictures and those on



The leaves have a blue-green center with yellow-gold margin. Moderately wavy with good substance. The shiny, long, lance-shaped, rippled, tapered leaves give a unique cascading appearance to the clump which is beautiful. It has lavender flowers in August. Very fast growth rate. It is good as a specimen or along a border or path. Named for the colors of the University of Michigan.


Additional Information

Year New at HostasDirect 2006
Growing Zones No
Plant - Height 15"
Plant Size Medium
Plant - Shape Mound-like
Growth Rate Fast
Plant - Ploidy Assumed Diploid
Plant - Density Compact
Sun Resistant No
Slug Resistant No
Hosta - Drought Tolerant No
Plant - Bog Tolerant No
Plant - Wave Spacing 36"
Plant - Specimen Spacing 48"
Plant - Hosta of the Year No
AHS Rating No
AHS Mini Rating No
Leaf - Base Rounded
Leaf - Color Detail Slightly blue green leaf with a yellow gold margin
Leaf Color (Center) Blue
Leaf Color (Margin) Yellow
Leaf - Cupped No
Leaf - Cup Direction No
Leaf - Flat Edge No
Leaf - Corrugation No
Leaf - Folded No
Leaf - Twisted No
Leaf - Wavy/Undulated Moderately
Leaf - Piecrust No
Fragrant Flower No
Leaf - Substance Good
Leaf - Margin Contortion Slightly Rippled
Leaf - Margin Size Wide
Leaf - Margin Width (inches) 1.5
Leaf - Seasonal Color Change No
Leaf - Shape Lance
Leaf - Size 10.25" x 5/5" W
Leaf - Length 10.25
Leaf - Width 5.5
Leaf - Mottled No
Leaf - Speckled No
Leaf - Splashed No
Leaf - Streaked No
Leaf - Upper Leaf Luster Slightly Shiny
Leaf - Under Leaf Luster Glaucous
Leaf - Vein Color No
Leaf - Vein Furrows Prominent
Leaf - Vein Pairs 8 to 9
Leaf - White Leaf Back No
Flower - Color Lavender, Pale
Flower - Double Blooms No
Flower - Reblooms No
Flower - Striped Bloom No
Flower - Inflorescence No
Flower - Bracts No
Flower - Clustered Bloom No
Flower - Pod Color No
Flower - Scape Color Green
Flower - Scape Height 22
Flower - Scape Height Range 18 to 22
Flower - Branched Scape No
Bloom Month(s) October
Flower - Season August
Flower - Start-Peak-Finish No
Flower - Size No
Flower - Shape Tubular
Flower - Viable Seed No
Petiole Color No
Petiole - Shape No
Petiole - Size No
Petiole - Variegation No
Plant - Rhizomatous No
Plant - Fun Name Animals
Plant - Patented No
Plant - Patent Number No
Plant - PPAF No
Hybridizing - Parentage [Sport of (H. 'Splash' F5 seedling x H. Dorset Blue)]
Hybridizing - Originator J. Wilkins
Hybridizing - Namer J. Wilkins
Hybridizing - Introducer J. Wilkins
Hybridizing - Registrant J. Wilkins
Hybridizing - Sport Of H. 'Dorset Blue' mutation
Hybridizing - Tardiana Cross No
Hybridizing - Year Registered 1995


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