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Hosta Search™ needs funding and pictures to keep going!

The HostaSearch™ database is available as a free service to gardeners and hosta lovers. I hope you not only enjoy it but also contribute pictures and data to make it even better. If you wish to contribute pictures, please click the link

Right now, we have data on over 7,000 hostas with over 6,000 photos. The hostas are indexed by over 70 hosta characteristics. To my knowledge, this is the largest and only searchable, relational hosta database in the world. This database cost no less than $60,000 to build not including the tens of thousands of hours Pat Mora devoted to detailed research, data entry and comments.

To maintain HostaSearch™, there are several ongoing costs:

  • Data entry of new and old hostas
  • Photo cleanup using PhotoShop software
  • Coding and loading photos into our system
  • Monthly server costs

To keep this database alive, up to date and growing takes a great deal of money. If you can make a contribution it would be greatly appreciated. If not, you are certainly welcome to use the free HostaSearch™ service.


Tom Carlson - President
HostasDirect, Inc.

We have put a lot of time, money, and research into building the best hosta database in the world. We ask for your contributions to help us continue to update and expand the database. Please consider contributing.

I would like to donate $ to help keep our database the best in the world.

Hostas Direct Staff